The Bike Commuter Institute – Who are they?

I came across this wonderful organization who I fully support. We need more of these groups! Here is how they describe themselves:

In the current economic climate, where energy prices continue their stratospheric rise, energy costs are driving people both to their destination AND to reconsider and challenge their traditional use of  their cars.

BCI’s founders are convinced there can be no better time to provide timely, accurate, and comprehensive education about the simplicity of integrating bicycling into an individual’s transportation options.

The Bicycle Commuter Institute (BCI) is primarily composed of educators and trainers who besides being passionate cyclists, have committed themselves to using bicycles for commuting.

Because education is our vocation, and bicycling our vocation, we are motivated in utilizing our extensive background and knowledge of educational programming to further and promote our love of cycling- particularly as it relates to using bicycles as primary means of transport.

BCI is a new organization and we are busy contacting organizations that are willing to provide low cost or free sites throughout the Twin Cities allowing us to host one of our many classes.

If you run a website focused on commuting by bike like this one, or YOU are a bicycle commuter that would like to teach or have any interest in working with BCI or you have any questions about any aspect of our programs, then please contact us.

Our Purpose

The Bike Commuter Institute has an educational focus and approach. We are offering classes to the general public, organizations and communities who want to learn more about the possibilities of bicycle commuting as a lifestyle choice.

Our classes, seminars, and workshops, will use original content to design, develop and deliver easy to understand, and relevant material that will allow individuals and organizations to quickly and easily begin a bicycle commuting program. Below is a sample of our current course offerings and focus.


For Individuals:


  •   Common misconceptions and myths about bicycle commuting
  •   Creating a personalized program for routing and time management
  •   Night Riding: Mandatory equipment to stay safe
  •   Riding in traffic-MN rules and regulations for bicyclists
  •   Essential bike tools, simple repairs for commuters and available road service for bicyclists


  •   Choosing and designing a route for maximum enjoyment/safety
  •    Selecting and purchasing the right bike for winter riding or commuting year round
  •    Techniques and best practices for riding in rain, snow, and cold
  •    Choosing bike clothes for all weather riding


Utilizing local and national bicycle resources including:


Publications (maps, pertinent info)

Organizations, that contribute to and provide extensive knowledge about cycling in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and other places

For Organizations:  

Creating a bicycle friendly culture in your organization

Proving assistance and training for employees who wish to commute to   your site

Developing incentives for employee commuting

Leveraging city, county and federal resources to maximize the  effectiveness of your program

Bike Commuter Mission:


The Bike Commuter Institute (BCI) will provide and facilitate educational programming and training for individuals, organizations and communities who desire to promote, encourage, and utilize bicycling as a supplemental or exclusive mode of transportation.




The Bike Commuter Institute will  positively influence bicyclists, organizations, and communities toward greater collaboration in fostering and supporting bicycle commuter options while integrating an on-going campaign to reduce and eliminate obstacles and barriers that deter people from commuting by bicycle.